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  • Auchentoshan Gift
    Auchentoshan Gift

    A winner every time! Auchentoshan whiskey gifted with a whiskey decanter...

    £ 124.99
  • Heritage

    The heritage Joseph wine from Aharanoff winery, gifted with a beautiful...

    £ 99.99
  • Black Trio
    Black Trio

    A stunning arrangement of 3 stem vases in black and gold, sure to be a...

    £ 94.99
  • Making Waves
    Making Waves

    Make a wave with the gorgeous wave dish filled with treats, a chocolate...

    £ 84.99
  • Black & Beige
    Black & Beige

    The Isaac ram award winning wine in a colour coordinated black and beige...

    £ 69.99
  • Make A Mark
    Make A Mark

    Makers Mark presented in a congruent fun trendy package with bags of...

    £ 64.99
  • Classy Classic
    Classy Classic

    A classy presentation of wine and chocolate, suits the discerning...

    £ 54.99
  • Pears & Pairs
    Pears & Pairs

    A gorgeous presentation of Pear liquor, with 2 ‘pairs of flower shaped...

    £ 44.99


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    Slow to give of its secrets, with mere hints of a fruity richness and spicy complexity to come. A swirl of the glass releases enticing, clean vanilla notes and tropical fruit. Soon,  fruits are dried (light fruit cake with flake almonds). Adding water brings out typical Speyside character, and makes the nose slightly more acidic.

    £ 57.99
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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item